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Welcome to Sinbad Says

To all who work with computers and to all those who can remember.

This blog was created for those who have previously worked in or currently working in computers, including those systems in the early start-up days when computers were treated as “special” along with all the engineers, programmers and operators who kept them “humming” and felt like Gods.

If you can remember the comments about, “only 3 computers required in the world” you will appreciate this blog

Why the pseudonym “Sinbad”?boat-4

Well Sinbad was a sailor who was described as,”during his voyages throughout the seas east of Africa and south of Asia, he has fantastic adventures going to magical places, meeting monsters, and encountering supernatural phenomena. It has nothing to do with sinful or bad ways.

He was a Seaman!

You will probably find nothing like the above description in this blog but I will tell you of my tales as I have ventured through life. Of my working and retirement life experiences, travel and problems encountered through my journey.

Note:- The heading graphic shows a Burroughs Corporation B5500 system.